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The Sixth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing Watermark Conference-2015

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The 5th International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing

 â„– 18 / February 2016 


Goznak-2015: the retained frontiers

The present year has turned out to be more complicated than 2014. And, according to the specialists, the next year will not be easy either.

In spite of the difficult economical and political situation, in 2015 Goznak has managed to preserve the volumes of export activity at the level of 2014. Andrey KURYATNIKOV, Deputy General Director of Science and Development, has explained to The Watermark how the result was achieved and described the plans for the future.

How to fight against pirated goods

The tendencies of development of brand protection systems and product turnover control

Andrey Stupaev, Sales Director of Goznak, made a speech at the International Security Printing Conference - Watermark Conference-2015. His report about protecting the manufacturers and consumers became a logical continuation of the speech of Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, about the coming age of digital technologies. Andrey Stupaev proved that only a competently built security system may be an efficient protection against pirated goods nowadays, using the examples, figures and experience of Goznak. Measures of the local character are leaving the stage.

Counterfeits: to find, examine, prevent

Counterfeited banknotes are constantly monitored. It helps to improve the banknote security features.

In October 2015, the Bank of Russia held a consultation "Current questions of counterfeiting counteractions". Specialists of territorial branches of the Bank of Russia from the whole country and invited experts representing various organizations and establishments took part in the consultation. Alexander Mochalov, Head of Security Technology Development Division of Goznak, was invited to the event as one of such experts. He told The Watermark about the major directions in which the Bank of Russia is making war on counterfeiters.

Brand security was discussed in Shanghai

The Holography Conference showed that the holographic security technologies are going through a new birth

The Holography Conference is an international conference for the commercial holographic industry that used to be called Holo-pack•Holo-print not long ago and that has monitored the development of the holographic industry development since 1990. It took place on December 2-4, 2015 in Shanghai. It was organized by Reconnaissance International. About 150 delegates from different countries, mostly of the Asia-Pacific Region - scientists, technical, production, sales and promotion specialists, and heads of well-known companies took part in it.

Counterfeiting in the digital age: the state of the art

Martin Furbach, Forensic Document Examiner of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), has focused for the past 10 years on the topic of banknote counterfeit analysis and document examination, mainly in relationship to inkjet and paper analysis. The pages of WaterMark present his point of view on the main issues related to banknote counterfeiting. He reviews the evolution of counterfeiting and also critical problems that make investigation more difficult than it was in the past.

United into a pack

Five companies who participated in the project of creating a unified test banknote have applied brand new technologies and their best developments

Five leading companies of the security printing market united to create one test banknote. The "Wolf" (Lupo) banknote was printed in Japan using the equipment of Komori. The banknote basis - Durasafe substrate - was produced by LandQart. The design developed by Jura was realized using the inks of GSI (Gleitsmann Security Inks) and kinegrams by KURZ. To learn all the details of the co-operation and all the banknote peculiarities, The Watermark has addressed the specialists of all the five companies.

Sweden is parting with the old money

Kronas are starting a new life - the size, the design and the security features have been altered

Sweden is renovating its banknotes and coins. They have changed everything - design, size and security features of banknotes, size, weight and design of coins. New kronas are already in circulation. Since October 1, 2015, new 20-, 50-, 200- and 1000-krona banknotes have entered the market. 100- and 500-krona banknotes will be issued in October, 2016 together with new 1-, 2- and 5-krona coins. Old banknotes will be withdrawn during a short period of nine months. The old 20-, 50- and 1000-krona notes are valid until June, 30th, 2016. Banknotes and coins issued in 2016 will replace the old ones by June, 30th, 2017. Besides, there is a banknote of a new face value - 200 kronas - and a new coin - 2 kronas - in the series. Marten Gomer from Riksbank (the Swedish National Bank) told The Watermark about these dramatic changes.

The Conference in Jakarta: a struggle for the universe

The presentation of Goznak's new security features using the sample of "The Russian Avantgarde" promotional banknote attracted great interest of the participants of High Security Printing. Asia

Yet another High Security Printing. Asia Conference took place at the end of December in Jakarta (Indonesia). Evgeniy Veselov, Head of the Export Division of Goznak, who had taken part in the conference, told The Watermark how the forum had passed for Goznak and how the enterprise plans to develop the export activities in the future.

Kazakhstan is setting records

To be more precise, banknotes from Kazakhstan are often the first to incorporate security features which then, as a result, become popular throughout the world.

On the 1st December 2015 the National Bank of Kazakhstan issued a new 20,000 Tenge banknote. As of today it is Kazakhstan's highest value banknote. The banknote issue was timed to coincide with a national holiday - The Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Barbados has increased security

New security features have appeared, and the design of the back side of the local dollars has changed

It has been decided to change the design of the banknote series for the first time in 40 years. According to the representatives of the Central Bank of Barbados, "the banknotes have acquired a bold modern design with bright colour shades". However, all the sizes and colours of the banknotes of Barbados have remained the same. The personalities - historic public figures depicted on the banknotes - have not changed either. Some design details have been altered, new security elements have been added. The banknotes have become more modern, secure and durable. Alvon Moore, Senior Operations Officer banking, currency and investments at the Central Bank of Barbados, has described the new banknote series of Barbados to The Watermark.

Special "locks" with special "keys"

Covert tags: what they are like and how to detect them

Tags are often applied for the protection and identification of various products, including security documents and goods. They may be produced of various materials and chemical compositions, be overt and covert, be checked visually or with the help of special devices. Boris Bolotin, Doctor of Chemistry, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Director of Science and Development of "OLBO", offered a classification of some tags in his work. His research called "The application of chemical agents for the tag identification" is published in The Watermark for the first time.




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