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№ 15 / September 2014






The ID card: the preparations have started

Premises are being prepared for a new large-scale project at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak

In 2014 Goznak accomplished creating the second stage of the Data Processing Center on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works – Branch of Goznak. In July the Data Processing Center of the Moscow Printing Works was certified by one of the best-known consulting companies in the world – Uptime Institute – successfully. The received certificate confirms that the Center corresponds to Tier III reliability level. It means the existence of reservation of all engineering systems of the Data Processing Center and a possibility of their parallel maintenance.

The Data Processing Center of Goznak does not stop its operation during the planned repair works, including the replacement of separate parts of the engineering infrastructure. The realized project solution excludes the necessity of service interruption, there is an opportunity of removing any part from operation for maintenance while sustaining the full functionality of the whole object, therefore the Data Processing Center can operate on a continuous basis – 24 hours 7 days a week. Andrey Dudin, Chief Engineer of the Moscow Printing Works described the present and the future of the Printing Works.

A new project for the whole country

– Repair works are carried out at some premises of the Moscow Printing Works now. What will happen to them later on?

– We’ve got a large-scale project – “The ID card of a citizen” – on the way. It is an ID-card to replace the inner passport of the citizens of the Russian Federation. It is already decided to produce and personalize the ID cards at the Moscow Printing Works – Branch of Goznak. Therefore since the beginning of 2014 we’ve been preparing workshops for the manufacturing divisions.

The general construction works are in full play at the moment. Mounting of all the engineering systems, including ventilation and conditioning, power supply, fire alarm is on the way.

The production of plastic cards (the ID card will be produced on the basis of a plastic card) always requires thorough dust purging. Any dust particle in between the lamination layers is a noticeable defect. The surface in this case will not be mirror, and if a dust particle appears on the laser-engraved image, there will be a black dot against the white background or a white dot against the black background.

Such a production peculiarity brings forth special requirements to the ventilation and conditioning systems. Beside the strict temperature and humidity parameters, the partial excessive pressure requirement will be realized in the workshops of the ID card production and personalization.

In such rooms if a window or a door is opened, the excessive pressure forces the dust out and prevents it from appearing inside. Such pressure is completely harmless for people and is not felt.

The second obligatory requirement for the plastic production – works upon the antistatic measures – will also be fulfilled. Because any plastic surface draws dust, special antistatic floors will be made in the plastic production and personalization rooms. The solution has already been realized at the Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak, in the travel passport inlay production workshop.

A metallic grid is placed on the floor and filled with epoxide resin containing metalized elements that make the floor current-carrying. Any accumulation of static electricity on a person or equipment (which is certainly earthed separately) goes to the floor.

After that we will be ready to place the equipment and launch it. The technologies have practically been determined already, and it is clear which machines we’ll need.

The ID card project will be partially based upon the system built in Russia for the project of the travel passport of the new model with a chip.

We are continuing to prepare a new room for the Data Processing Center simultaneously.

– The Moscow Printing Works completed building of a new electric substation not long ago. What are its tasks?

– First of all, the substation was built for the power supply of the Data Processing Center. It was launched at the end of 2013, and quite recently we received a certificate of the right for economic management and ownership for it and its building.

The energy independence of the enterprise, and particularly the Data Processing Center, is provided by diesel generator units which turn on during the power failings. The existence of the electrical substation has enabled us to make the power supply of the Center entirely reserved. If one power line fails, the Center will be switched to another line, and the power supply will not be terminated.

The country has enough passports

– Every summer citizens who have not seen about their passports in advance start calling Goznak to find out when their passports will be ready. This summer there were not so many calls. Is the boom over?

– It is. For us the peak was not even in summer, but in November – December and April – May. But there were no such rushes this or the previous year. The loads were absolutely even. It means that we have satisfied the country’s demand for the passports of the new generation. Because the new passport is valid for 10 years, there has not been another rush. For a few years, until the “first wave” of the passports expires, we will work without seasonal rushes.

– During the first years of the electronic passport of the new generation project the representatives of Muhlbauer, the equipment manufacturer, almost lived around the new machines. Have the specialists of Goznak learned not only to operate but also to maintain the equipment themselves now?

– We can divide this question in two aspects. As for the day-to-day operation and servicing of the equipment, we have learned to shift for ourselves exclusively. Our adjusters, electronicians and engineers deal with all matters of the kind, and we have not addressed the equipment manufacturers with such matters for a long time. Moreover, it concerns not only the passport personalization lines, but also the obligatory medical insurance electronic policy and the universal electronic card production lines.

But the manufacturer still deals with matters connected with the software and its updates. It is not because we wouldn’t be able to do that, but the manufacturers have not given us the initial codes.

The specialists of Muhlbauer come to update the software twice a year. At the same time our engineers solve all the backlogged matters, taking the advantage of speaking to the German specialists directly.

A delegation of representatives of the European Parliaments visited us his summer. The visit was organized together with the Federal Migration Service. The delegation observed the equipment and the technological cycle of passport personalization. What we can really be proud of is the fact that we didn’t need any special preparation. The delegation visited the enterprise in the working conditions. Our specialists and workers have mastered the work and got used to the attention of mass media and various organizations to such an extent that they don’t need any special preparation. The work was according to the schedule. The delegates came up to the workers, asked questions via the interpreter, they answered, and the machines worked absolutely as always.







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