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№ 15 / September 2014






Goznak Brought an Award from Washington

Zebra, a new security feature developed by Goznak specialists, got one of the prizes at Excellence in Currency Awards as the Best New Currency Feature. The competition was run by IACA (International Association of Currency Affairs).

IACA runs Excellence in Currency Awards every second year from 2007.

The winners of Excellence in Currency Awards-2014 were announced in April at the Banknote conference in Washington. Andrey Kuryatnikov, Deputy General Director (Research and Development), told us about the contest and the award Goznak got:

– There are two nominations in Excellence in Currency Awards: the Best New Currency Feature and the Best New Currency Innovation. Goznak became one of four winners in the first nomination of this exclusive contest.

FSUE Goznak is not a member of IACA. But as a participant of the Banknote conference it was offered to present its developments in the sphere of security features at the IACA panel. At the same time KURZ – the manufacturer of holograms for a commemorative Olympic 100-rouble banknote – were offered the same.

We agreed to be presented at one nomination as the feature consists of two components – the Olympic flame and the torch. The torch is an HMC security feature patented by Goznak. The flame is a hologram manufactured by KURZ.

At the same time FSUE Goznak submitted another development for the competition; the security feature that was used for a commemorative Olympic banknote. Zebra feature is located in a transparent window with a plastic stripe. The window looks like a window on a frosty day. And a snowflake in it changes its colour from white to bright blue at a turn.

A lot of different security features were submitted to the competition. Most of participating companies submitted more than one development. For example, Oberthur had six security features.

After the IACA committee studied all the submitted developments, there was a so called semi-final of the competition. 13 security features were shortlisted. Among them there was SPARK (SICPA), Rolling Star (Giesecke & Devrient, a German company), Zebra (FSUE Goznak), Orbital (De La Rue), Motion (Crane) and some others.

Rolling Star+SPARK, a co-development of Louisenthal and SICPA, Zebra (Goznak), Swing (Oberthur) and Orbital (De La Rue) were found the best.

This is the second time when Goznak is among the winners of this international competition. The first award was got a few years ago for the “Winged thread” security feature developed and patented by the company.

This competition is of the same importance as the Olympic Games for sportsmen. And the feelings at the award ceremony are the very similar: there were tear of joy because the work of Goznak specialists was appreciated by the world community of banknote manufacturers. We felt very proud of our country and Goznak.

– If I chose the best features from new Goznak developments, – Andrey Kuryatnikov says, – I would choose Zebra as well. This feature is very simple and effective.

Other companies also have the technology to embed a wide plastic stripe in a banknote. But as for the feature inside the window, it is our know-how.

This feature is completely new. It is manufactured on a traditional banknote printing machine, however our colleagues from other countries admitted that the idea of Goznak specialists is unique.

Zebra can become a progenitor of a new series of effective features.

Today the technology to embed wide polymer stripes in paper substrate is not optimal, that is why it is possible to issue banknotes in limited circulation only.

To issue banknotes with a new security feature into a large circulation will be possible after a new technology development.






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